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It was a great demonstration of identity of the Georgian community in Italy, the one that took place last Sunday in Scandicci, in Florence, on the occasion of the World Congress of Scientists.

In addition to the participatory organizational meeting and the subsequent traditional entertainment with songs, dances and poems, there was a vast promotional exhibition space, coordinated by Nina Siboshvili, which had a total of over 500 visitors, mainly Georgians but also Italians, thanks to the presence of: Ekaterina Ramishvili (photographer), Noka Tsilosani (folk felt crafts), Lali Niazashvili (handmade dolls), Nini Fareshishvili (painted accessories), Tamara Arjevnishvili (hand knitting), Zviadi Tskaruashvili (artist), Manana Sopromadze (weaving a hand), Mzia Makalatia (beaded embroidery), Giorgi Ramazashvili (poet), Maya Arbolishvili (artist), Nona Khonelidze (accessories), Ia Gegechkor (traditional souvenirs) and Lisa Otarashvili (accessories, jewelry). “Materials, colors, works, human thoughts and emotions reminiscent of the Caucasus” summarized the event by Lali Panchulidze, PR in Milan and foreign correspondent journalist of Kartuli TV, Georgian national television.

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