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On 12 July 2022, in Milan, right after an high profile, cultural and historical conference, sponsored by the Tomassini Historical Archive, which Patron is H.I.H Prince Ezra Foscari Widmann Rezzonico Tomassini Paternò Leopardi of Constantinople, a prestigious cultural event took place, organized with a scheduled line-up of distinguished speakers from the academic to the political world and by various representatives of well-known spiritual institutions, such as the Priory of Sion.

Moderating the speeches and directing the event, without disdaining his contribution as a speaker, was Baron Roberto Jonghi Lavarini Von Urnavas, a brilliant and popular intellectual and politician with decades of experience, current representative Leader of the M.S.E. Movimento Sociale Eurasia, of which, during the event, was recalled its raison d’être, the intentions and challenges in which the political movement is engaged, including the cultural activity aimed at raising public awareness on the value of the family, as a sure anchor to overcome every crisis and guarantee the fulfillment and safety of the individual in society, even more now in such a critical moment like the present one.

The speech was followed by a precious intervention of geopolitical and anthropological analysis by Doctor Mauro Rotunno, on the current social and international political crisis; intervention through which possible strategic solutions were traced, aimed at raising awareness and involving public opinion in this historical phase, in which everyone is required to leap forward, as regards social awareness and responsibility, necessary to coordinate a liberation from the quagmire and moral stagnation, which can only be overcome through the example and historical experience that come to us from tradition and common sense.

Attorney Luigi Suez, he too contributed with his intervention, focused on a sophisticated and effective analysis of the Italian political and electoral environment, exposing with great competence the obstacles and possible solutions to overcome them, in a political and social coordination aimed at rediscovering a moral and institutional compass that can cope with the current serious political situation.

The Most Serene Grand Master, Marco Rigamonti, developed his speech on the spiritual, anthropological and psychological implications which, according to him, are determining the current course of events, identifying in the current western governments the guilt of interfering in the spiritual and religious sphere, through an insidious politic of control and deceptive, violent, psychological conditioning.

Countess Mandilosani Lali Panchulidze Aznauri, as an Official Lady of the Royal Order of the Crown of the Kingdom of Georgia, based her speech on the social reverberations of the current international social crisis, through a wise historical excursus aimed at relating the social and human progress in relation to the knowledge of the virtues and the application of the teachings that come to us from the historical and traditional culture.

The event ended with a ceremony in which awards and honors were conferred by the Priory of Sion, the Sacred Cross of Georgia, the Noble and Imperial Order of the Heraclian Crown and the PHTM Templar Confederation.

Master Rodolfo Knisel delighted those present by telling about the secrets of the art of restoring ancient books and artistic bindings; secrets inherited and acquired over decades of passionate and intense activity. The Master’s intervention was articulated by analyzing the historical and cultural dynamics that determined the artistic influences of the master craftsmen, providing significant and evocative insights, which can also be enjoyed by the layman.

The Prior of the PHTM Templar Confederation, Antonino Iuculano, contributed with his own analysis of the current historical period, from a purely traditionalist and chivalrous philosophical perspective, in an edifying and highly motivating intervention.

The President Romolus Popescu continued with his contribution, through his own historical and contemporary social analysis, illustrating the realities that emerged, in particular from his own experience in the Association of Romanians in Italy, of which he is President.

The Duke Don Costantino Lebano Marquis of Lustra, Guardian of the Egyptian Rite, has also contributed with an edifying and precious intervention, aimed at hope, tenacity and lucidity in moments of crisis; according to him, those ancient virtues are still accessible through the traditional knowledge and its application in daily life.

They contributed to the debate with their own interventions on the current geopolitical situation and the spiritual crisis, as well as on the need for reorganization of the knightly orders, therefore of a new, intense, fraternal collaboration between the different groups, in full respect of the autonomy and identity of each, H.I.H Prince Ezra Foscari Widmann Rezzonico Tomassini Paternò Leopardi of Constantinople, Avv. Marco Ganassini of the Counts of Camerati and President of the Rotary Club of Milan (Porta Nuova), the Count Alberto Uva Parea, Patron of art and theater, owner of the astonishing villa Marzorati Sormani in Missaglia, Duke Don Gianluca di Maulo Errico of the Paleologo Princes, artist and writer, as well as the Italian-Russian and Orthodox, Baron Antonio Imperatore.







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