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A treasure from the past – By William B. Halliwell

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What contemporary esotericism believes about The Holy Graal

Some initiatory traditions, believes the Priory of Sion inherits the tradition of the Grail, from the most ancient celtic traditions, along with elements from Sumerians and ancient Egypt.

The mystery of the Grail is a set of alchemic and esoteric secrets in conjunction with the attainment of higher states of being.

The legend of the Grail, tells that a cup would have been carved by the angels in an emerald detached from the forehead of Lucifer at the time of its fall.

This allegory, through a clear parallelism with the so-called “third eye”, brings us directly to the representation of the pineal gland.

The pineal gland is part of the endocrine system and is the gland that allows to regulate the cycle of sleep and wake as other important biorhythms, but what counts in the spiritual experience is that the pineal gland also intervenes during certain types of meditation practices sufficiently deep to reach the Theta-Gamma brain frequencies, which puts us in contact with our unconscious, giving access to an exterminated cognitive resource and potentially could also create a contact with exogenous intelligences or even with The Universal Consciousness, otherwise defined as God or called G.A.O.T.U, From the Freemasons.

According to the modern esotericists, the Grail is not thought to be obtained just through this particular type of meditation, but also and above all by the esoteric and interior work, through the study of symbols and the alchemical work.

There are still several representations of the pineal gland, such as sculptures or representations, some of which represent giants, lizard-men and other humanoid creatures, clearly not human. Those individuals were what the most recent esoteric tradition calls the “Supérieurs Inconnus” who were believed to have entrusted the original elements of knowledge inherited today through the tradition, to the terrestrial man, portrayed while delivering us pine cone-shaped items , which represents the pineal gland, and with it the result of the assimilation of the knowledge of which they have made us depositors for humanity, which manifests itself through an expansion of consciousness and awarenss through the attainment of enlightenment or the so-called and above-mentioned higher states of being.

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