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Abbey St. Michel

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Abbey St.Michel, named Abbatiale De Saint Michel in french, was built on a site already sacred to Celtic cults, carries with it the legend that one night the Archangel Michael ordered the Bishop of Avranches to build a church for him.
The Bishop, however, would have been convinced through a recurring dream, in which the Patron Saint of the Abbey, would had ordered the Bishop to build it as soon as possible, telling him during the dream that this way he would have had proof even when awake, and the legend tells that the Bishop, next morning, woke up with a hole in the skull, received by the Patron Saint of the Abbey, to prove him his will about the building of the new Abbey.
A legend transmitted inside the Priory of Sion tells that in the Abbey of Monte Saint Michel for a period has been kept a relic of the Dragon defeated in battle by a Knight blessed by Saint Michael, who had appeared to him before the mortal duel and this relic had been kept would have been an arm of the Dragon. Speculators argues, that possibly the arm was an human one and the Dragon was used as an allegoric symbol to tell about a living person that could be linked to the merovingians, as the simbology of snakes and dragons belongs to the merovingian legacy as well. Another hypothesys would be that the Dragon simply represents the “evil” and not necessarily to an apparently evil force serving God, as in the case of the ancient Holy Order of the Dragon.

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