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Foundation of the Priory of Sion’s Hieros Gamos Commandery in Zalau, 19 June 2022

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A memorable ceremony was celebrated in Zalau, with the foundation of the first Priory of Sion Commandery in Romania.

The Noble and Merovingian Order of the Priory of Sion has so installed its first Temple in the country of Romania.

The ceremony was celebrated by the National Regent of Romania, His Worship, Ill. Bro. Radu Calin Hirza, which was assisted by a Chapelain and a Marshall. The National Regent concluded the assembly with an hearthfel speech about the contemporary value that could give the tradition in the actual society, restoring the spiritual and cultural coordinates, necessary to develop own potential, through a deep understanding of oneself.

The ceremony ended up with a gala dinner, where were read papers and researches from the Brethern and Sisters, sharing friendship and solidarity gestures, in the fullest cofherence to the knightly tradition.

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