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Priory of Sion International Grand Chapter, July 28 2020

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On the 28th of July 2020, was celebrated in the city of Turin, the International Grand Chapter of the current year.

The suggestive and inspiring ceremony witnessed elevation for 5 Knights, 3 Dames, 8 Ecuyers and 5 Croisée.

Celebrating the fourth annual Grand Chapter’s gathering, after the new registration of the Order in 2015. During the ceremony, many memories came from the astonishing work done through all Europe and South America for the expansion of the Order, as for the sacrifice and dedication of all the Commanders and Regent active in first person to achieve the actual result. Thoughts were dedicated to the Brethern and Sisters overseas from United States of America, which some of them received elevation the same day.

The Pedes Monti Commandery of Turin was honoured to host the Commanderies and the Chapter’s members from all Europe and United States. The International Grand Chapter was celebrated by Most Serene Grand Master Br. Marco Rigamonti, His Worship Ill. Sénéchal and Grand Chancellor Br. Luigino Morello, Her worship Ill. Grand Chapelain Sr. Giulia Seshat and Commander, His worship Ill. Br. Ivo Pegaso.

Nearing the close of the Ceremony, the Commander delivered an hearthfelt thank to the Brethern and Sisters present at the ceremony, leaving then the word to the Grand Chancellor for an intense and significant speech about the interpretation of the simbology present in the rituals. Last words were left as usual to the Grand Master, that delivered a speech about the power toward daily life of the core values transmitted by the Priory of Sion as the efficency that distinguish them in improving abilities in know oneself and valorize drammatically own potential.

In addition, the Most Serene Grand Master spoke about how the Order could continue being an example of nobility, freedom, dignity and value, through the contribution of its members to society, and watching over threats that could risk to get actual society to the reality of the darkest ages.

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