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Priory of Sion International Grand Chapter 2019

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Priory of Sion annual Grand Chapter had place in the Anghiari’s Castle on December 20 2019.

Celebrating the third annual Grand Chapter’s gathering, after the new registration of the Order in 2015. During the ceremony, many thoughts were dedicated to the cut of the elm, imperishable symbol of the thruth, prevailing over the human, trivial interests while politics polluting the sacred.

The Mary Magdalene Commandery of Arezzo was honoured to host the Commanderies and the Chapter’s members from all Europe. The International Grand Chapter was celebrated by Most Serene Grand Master Br. Marco Rigamonti, His Worship Ill. Sénéchal and Grand Chancellor Br. Luigino Morello and Her worship Ill. Grand Chapelain Sr. Giulia Seshat.

Nearing the close of the Cermony, the Regent for Italy delivered a touching speech about friendship and camaraderie, leaving then the word to the Grand Chancellor for an edifying speech about the nobility of the Priory of Sion’s tradition, expressed even by its internal laws; Last words were of the Grand Master, with a significant speech about the horizons widening when focus is permanently addressed to transcendence and self improvement.

In addition, the Most Serene Grand Master spoke to the honor and devotion for the Knights that fought for the causes of the Order not just on the battle field, but even in the civil society, to defend mankind right to live his fullest own dimension, and improving while bettering oneself at the fullest potential and most dignified way, reminding the strong bond which tights the Brethern and Sisters of the Order, united under the same, priceless, main spiritual cause.

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