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The millennial Georgian culture in the world, even in Miami

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Also in Miami, as in all the USA, there is a historical presence of Georgians. We are not talking about neighboring Georgia, an American state, but about the distant Christian nation nestled between Russia, the Black Sea, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Georgian immigrants have maintained, all over the world, their strong cultural and religious identity, which is based on the Orthodox Church, on linguistic patriotism (they have their own alphabet), on specific and original Eurasian traditions: musical, folkloric and food and wine.

Countess Lali Panchulidze

“We have been a great little homeland for more than 3000 years, Skartvelo, a sacred and mythical land, the primordial cradle of the first Caucasian white man, the Colchis of the Golden Fleece, the Scythia of the Amazons, of the Orthodox faith and the origin of wine ”Tells us Lali Panchulidze, great promoter of Georgia in Italy, Switzerland and in Monte Carlo and in Western Europe, who, in the autumn, will be in the United States for a series of events related to high fashion and luxury. Countess Lali Panchulidze descends from an ancient noble family of Byzantine origin, whose history has been intertwined, for centuries, with that of the Bagrationi princes and kings of Georgia. Her ancestors were also generals, governors and private advisors to the Tsars of Russia, the Kings of Serbia and the Netherlands. For these she inherited international relations, Lali is also vice president of the European Aristocracy cultural association which brings together over 700 historical families. “Miami is a cultured and dynamic maritime city, a synthesis of the different Anglo-Saxon and Hispanic cultures, and the USA is a great nation that has welcomed our community. Georgia exports its exceptional wines and is ready to welcome more and more American tourists ”.

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