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Quantum Meditation, Brain Waves and Accessing Your Power

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Kate Mc Kinleyhttp://arcadia-community.org
I am a Medical Scientist and Spiritual Guidance professional. I have spent 13 years in Medical Science and Research and 18 years studying and implementing spiritual understanding and training. I am a Reiki Master, Spiritual Guidance Specialist and have studied the emerging area of Quantum Spirituality.

Did you know that we can access a different part of our minds, where we are able to connect to our subconscious, the place where we are infinitely more creative and intuitive? A place where we can heal ourselves and communicate with the universe.

During meditation, if done correctly, we can actively change our brainwaves so that we can access these deeper parts of our beings.

There are many levels of brainwaves, that are present when we are doing different things with our minds.

The ones that are most important here are:

Beta Brainwaves:

  • Our conscious mind: The one that we inhabit most of our day.
  • Where we are alert and going about our day

Alpha Brainwaves:

  • The analytical mind: The part of our mind used to analyse the world around us
  • It is accessed when we are relaxed and can shut out the world and listen to our inner selves.

Theta Brainwaves:

  • Our subconscious mind
  • Where we receive communication from our higher selves and the universe.
  • This is a drowsy, but not asleep state. Where we are meditative and reflective.
  • The deepest and most healing, creative part of our brain.

It is in this place of theta brainwaves that we receive the most precious state during meditation.

A place that allows the body to heal and repair, but also a place where we can access the universe, intuition, and endless creativity.

This is the state that practiced meditators want to get to, as it is during the theta brainwave state that our body goes into healing mode. But the best part is that we can access the Quantum.

What is the Quantum Universe?

The theory that everything is connected at a quantum level. On a level that is so small, where particles reside.

Between these particles, is an unseen energy. A field that connects everything to all, it is one, the whole universe. A place where all information and energy are stored, right there for us to access.

During meditation, once in a theta brainwave state, this is the place that we connect to. Where our higher self resides, where universal energy originates from.

How do I get to this state?

It really is simple.

When meditating, connect to each chakra in order:

  • The base Chakra – red – grounding
  • The Sacral Chakra – orange – connection
  • The Solar Plexus Chakra – yellow – emotional
  • The Heart Chakra – Green – Love
  • The throat Chakra – Light Blue – Communication
  • The Third Eye Chakra – Purple – Perception
  • The Crown Chakra – White – Universal Consciousness

Open each Chakra by visualising its colour and meaning, visualise things of that colour and any information or emotion stored in those places for you.

Once you have made it to the top, visualise the energy flowing through you, from the earth under your root chakra, up, though, and out of your crown chakra, connecting you to the whole universe.

Go back to your third eye, open this space wider and wider. Big enough for you to visualise stepping through and into. You will find yourself in a place of nothingness. This is the Quantum. The Universe. One.

It is here that you may request information, inspiration, creative and healing energies. Anything and everything. The only thing that you need to do is trust.

Just Trust.

That everything you receive in this space is directly and divinely given to you and is very real.

Enjoy the excitement of going into a meditation to experience whatever you feel like, whatever you want to know and however you want to feel.

Because it will be given. Completely and just for you.

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